We partner with She Grows It, a full service consulting and investment migration advisory firm to provide comprehensive strategies on how to mobilize human, natural, and financial resources to achieve (Sustainable Development Goals) SDGs, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), and Millennium Develop Goals (MDG) orders for the Durable District Development (DDD) Campaign for Nyame Bekyere. This helps us ensure that we:

Expose constituents, business owners, and governments to educational program offerings for improving individual business operations and the collective business ecosystem. (E1);

Illustrate to the business community Evolutionary Economics (6E) and Environmental Diplomacy (E6) strategies that increase business formalization, financial injection, local industry growth, and ownership of sectors. (E2);

Delineate the transdisciplinary growth tracks that help informal businesses formalize and remain formal, grow the profitability of local industries, and increase local ownership of sectors within the business ecosystem. (E3);

Develop, alongside the business community, a list of specific transferable skills required to facilitate local business growth in respective industries and sectors. (E4);

Employ local constituent resources on how to obtain jobs and in careers in a formal business ecosystem. (E5);

Support local innovation that evolves the business ecosystem forward, faster, and with formalized enterprises, industries, and sectors. (E6);

Apply proprietary credit scoring metrics with 6E and E6 standards to individuals, businesses, governments, and infrastructure in order to assess the credibility of the organization and its ability and capacity to grow, scale, and evolve. (E6) and;

Implement community evolution standards within the mentor-protege program requirements. (Evolve).