Nyame Bekyere: A Model for African Development Beyond Aid

As Nkosuohene, Chief of Development, I believe Nyame Bekyere can be a model for durable, self-reliant and regenerative community development in Ghana and all of Africa.  

Community development will always be a shared responsibility between the private sector, government and non-governmental organizations. This intersectionality is where true durable, regenerative community development begins its journey. However, the efforts must be led by a conscious, accountable and collective-minded private sector entrepreneur or group.

Building institutions that serve the community can only be sustained regeneratively through partnering with businesses that are committed to aligning with Environmental and Social Government (ESG) standards and equitable and ethical growth and development.

Our approach is to build community institutions on the ground level and literally build up, maximizing air space, with private businesses that are committed to maintaining the community institutions on the ground level thereby creating a literal trickle-down effect.

Although a small communitytotaling about a 1-mile stretch, Nyame Bekyere is equidistant between Adawso and Koforidua, which is the administrative capitol of the Eastern Region, and serves the needs of this area and wider. The area has enough land for durable development and maintaining greenspace to support a regenerative natural ecosystem.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for our first institution – the Nyame Bekyere Community Center – was held after the enstoolment.

Working on rooftop deck.

We doubled down on the felt and marine board on the rooftop to stop the rain and just finished te windows and doors on 1st floor.

We’re strengthening beams under rooftop with some horizontal steel supports and more wooden braces.

My 3 Year Community Developmental Priorities:

  • Open Community Center for Business
  • Complete Construction of Business Center
  • Begin construction of workforce  development center
  • Formalize collaborative agreement with Nyame Bekyere Cocoa Coop
  • Complete construction of workforce develop center
  • Workforce Development Center Open to Public
  • Begin construction of Agricultural processing center
  • Complete construction of Agricultural processing center
  • Complete Construction of Medical Center

15 April progress update!